Meet Our Families

Those who best tell Quantum House's story are the families who call the House home. 

Though all House families come from different backgrounds and are facing different challenges, they all have something in common: they'll do anything to see their child get better. 

“We had to come back and visit!” Kimberly and Bernard stayed at Quantum House while Trinity waited for a diagnosis and fought to survive. "The unknown is what drove us crazy, but we were right by her side every step."

A year later, and they couldn't resist stopping by to say hello. 

"It was one of the best blessings knowing we were just a walk away." 





Luca was playing outside when he fell and hit his head. Luca hit his head hard. He was rushed to the emergency room and admitted into pediatric intensive care. Those first days were almost impossible for his family as they sat and waited for answers. 

Without the House, Luca would have spent many scary hours alone in his hospital room. His family would have been forced to commute half an hour when possible, add a hotel bill to mounting expenses or separate to make sure one parent was available to help keep up with the brothers’ school schedules.

Luca’s family didn’t have to worry about that, though, because they stayed at Quantum House. Find Out More About Helmet Safety


Eleanor has had several surgeries to correct a birth defect, so in many ways, she’s used to the hard days and the difficult recovery. But in so many more ways, she just wants to be home having fun with her friends. One afternoon, Eleanor’s mom Hulya found Eleanor laughing in the playroom with a volunteer and a pet therapy dog.

“Oh, Eleanor! I’m so happy to see you found your light today!”

“She found the light at the end of her tunnel,” Hulya explained. “Earlier she asked, ‘Why is this tunnel sooooo long and so dark?’ I’m so glad she found her light.”

Before Eleanor left Quantum House, she wrote a note. In Eleanor’s careful 8-year-old handwriting: “Quantum House has been so good to me. I love it here!!”



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